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"My name is Thomas Barkley. I’m a scientist explorer. For years, I have travelled all around the world to find the deepest

secrets of this planet. Lately, a group of persons have found an old pyramid under the desert sand of Abousir in Egypt.
That’s why I’m here today, to learn more about this new discovery. I have found a guide to excort me to the entrance of the
This place is full of secrets and stories about Ancient Egypt.
Sadly, things didn’t go the way I expected, and I’m now trapped, in a tombstone."

The player finds himself stuck in the pyramid. To get out he will have to open his eyes and solve puzzles. The player will be able to cross 3 labyrinths and 3 secret rooms where he will be able to be trapped by the time and the elements. The solution of the riddles is all around him. He must be careful not to succumb to pressure.


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